State and economic reforms

Strengthening the state in serving citizens, democratisation, fair economic and taxation policies, and respect for human rights .


Prevention of human trafficking and exploitation, and assistance for refugees and displaced persons in returning home.

Private sector development and financial services

Promotion of commerce and employment through private sector development, financial sector development and vocational skills development.

Economic and financial policy

Reforming of public finance and strengthening of the financial sector as measures for economic growth and fighting poverty

Urban infrastructure and utilities

Promoting reliable and affordable basic infrastructure services in partner countries by financing innovative technologies and strengthening management capacities in public utilities and supporting structural reforms

Private sector and entrepreneurship

Improving the functioning of local financial markets and to nourishing a competitive body of entrepreneurs to increase the partner countries' attractiveness as a business location and to trigger national and foreign investments

Sustainable trade

Promoting trade that is socially responsible, environmentally friendly, inclusive and thereby sustainable

Climate-friendly growth

Helping to combat the causes of climate change and fostering climate-friendly growth with modern technologies and approaches as well as new market and financing mechanisms