Second stage of the ʺGrand Tour of Switzerland in Hungaryʺ : Orosháza

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Local news, 09.03.2016

Opening of the “Swiss Days” at the Táncsics-Mihály high school and visit of the Woertz company

Visit of the Woertz company in Orosháza

The “Swiss Days” in Orosháza aim to make cultural environments alive through language. The local self-government of the German nationality (Deutsche Nationalitätenselbstverwaltung) and the Táncsics-Mihály-high school organize the German cultural weeks for 10 years now. As part of this beautiful jubilee, Switzerland is represented for the third time in the limelight of this cultural event. Various competitions, such as the literary "Recitation contest of Swiss works" took place within this week. On the occasion of the “Swiss Days”, a poster exhibition was set up by the students, providing information on the Swiss cantons, the biggest cities, the traditions and the culinary side of Switzerland. As part of the exhibition, handicrafts from the younger generation were also presented and we were able to admire the Gotthard Pass and the city of Basel in miniature. In the afternoon, the ambassador solemnly declared the opening of the "Swiss Days". Apart from Swiss songs, a presentation about Switzerland and the performance of the classics "Heidi" and "Schellenursli" the afternoon program was very varied.

Orosháza is not only mentioned as a step in the "Grand Tour" because of the "Swiss Days" but also because Orosháza hosts the assembly plant of the Swiss company Woertz. The history of the Woertz plc., based in Muttenz, has already started in the 1920s. The company has specialized in the field of electrical installation. The enterprise was not only responsible for the lighting of the construction sites in the Saint-Gotthard base tunnel, but also for the emergency lighting, which supplies the tunnel with electricity during 180 minutes in case of a fire. Last year, the local government has proposed the Woertz company to take over the real estate property in the heart of the city of Orosháza. Besides an aesthetic enhancement of the old and abandoned bank building, women and men who work there, now benefit from a central workplace, whose infrastructure will accommodate about a hundred new employees.

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