Welcome message

Ambassador Andreas Baum
Ambassador Andreas Baum Photograph © Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

On behalf of the entire team, I welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in India.

I hope this website will be useful to Swiss compatriots living in India and Bhutan, as well as to Indian and Bhutanese citizens interested in Switzerland.

India and Switzerland have for long shared a very special relation. With time, this relationship has transformed into a full-fledged partnership with each side benefiting from the strength of the other.

 After successfully completing the celebrations of 70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship, during which we organized more than fifty events throughout the country, we have launched a new biennial initiative called Swiss it! With this slogan, I think of quality, precision, reliability, sustainability, the ability to innovate, a strong sense of solid craftsmanship within a highly globalized world, visionary thinking, while acting pragmatically. This new initiative will highlight Switzerland and its economic players not only as global leaders in business, research and innovative technologies, but also as innovators in good governance, arts and social inclusion.

In order to facilitate easy access and render services to Indian and Swiss citizens, companies, scientific partners and cultural actors, Switzerland has built a wide network of representations across India. The Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi is supported by Consulates General in Mumbai and Bangalore, Honorary Consuls in Kolkata and Chennai, a Swiss Business Hub in Mumbai, and a swissnex office in Bangalore.

With Bhutan, Switzerland shares a long-standing partnership, built on bonds of friendship and cooperation. It is today a broad relationship covering a large spectrum of topics, with political, economic, scientific and cultural priorities. For our endeavors in Bhutan we can count on the support of our Honorary Consul in Thimphu.

Through this website, the Embassy endeavors to provide easy access to the information you seek. I welcome and value your views and comments, so as to make this virtual site a true bridge of friendship and cooperation between our countries. 

Andreas Baum, Ambassador of Switzerland to India and Bhutan