Public holidays

The Embassy of Switzerland will be closed during the following Irish and Swiss public holidays.
01.01.2021 Friday  New Year's Day 
17.03.2021 Wednesday Public Holiday (St. Patrick)
02.04.2021 Friday Good Friday
05.04.2021 Monday Easter Monday
03.05.2021 Monday May Public Holiday
13.05.2021 Thursday Ascension Day (Swiss hiliday)
24.05.2021 Monday Whit Monday (Swiss holiday)
07.06.2021 Monday June Public Holiday
02.08.2021 Monday August Public Holiday 
25.10.2021 Monday October Public Holiday
24.12.2021 Friday  Christmas Eve 
27.12.2021 Monday  Christmas Day (transfer)
28.12.2021 Tuesday St. Stephen's Day (transfer)
31.12.2021 Friday  New Year's Eve
Official holidays