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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATE: Find out which COVID-19 related measures apply to you when entering Switzerland via the interactive travel check tool

Further detailed and updated information on entry rules is available via the following links: Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH): Quarantine,  the FOPH list of risk countries, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and the Irish government website.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has become a worldwide pandemic. Due to the rapidly evolving situation, we recommend that you check the following government websites which give reliable information and are updated regularly. You can find more information on the Embassy's dedicated COVID-19 webpage.

Consular services

In view of the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Regional Consular Centre (RCC) has adapted its activities.

Where personal presence is required, an appointment must be arranged. Please contact the RCC in a timely manner in order to obtain an appointment. Only visitors with an appointment will be able to enter the building.

Passport / ID card application

The Regional Consular Centre (RCC) is now in a position to process passport/ID card applications again. However, please note that the RCC is experiencing a substantial backlog of applications due to COVID-19 and it is therefore taking longer than usual to process these. Booking any trips while you do not hold a valid passport/ID card is at your own risk.
The RCC appreciates your understanding in these challenging times.

More information

For more information please visit the website of the Regional Consular Centre in London.

The embassy premises in Dublin
The embassy premises in Dublin © FDFA

As the official representation of Switzerland, the Embassy covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations between the two countries. It represents Swiss interests in the areas of political, economic, financial and legal affairs, as well as science, education and culture.

The tasks of the embassy


Switzerland-EU Institutional Agreement

Media release:
No signing of Swiss–EU institutional agreement
At its meeting on 26 May, the Federal Council undertook an overall evaluation of the outcome of the negotiations on the institutional framework agreement (InstA).

#SwissEUrelations – a first rank partnership
The European Union is Switzerland’s most important partner by far and effective cooperation is therefore vitally important. This video presents facts and figures about the close economic and human relations between Switzerland and the European Union. #SwissEUrelations #MoreThanNeighbors


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Switzerland and Ireland

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The Embassy publishes a listing of Swiss cultural events in Ireland


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Message from the Regional Consular Centre London regarding Biometric Swiss Passport Application

The Regional Consular Centre in London (RCC) is pleased to inform that it will visit Ireland with a biometric station from 27 September to 1 October 2021. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please submit an online application here by 3 September at the latest. Please enter the following details in the remarks section of the application form: “Dublin” and your marital status (“never married”, “married”,  “divorced”,  “widowed” etc.).

The RCC hopes that that as many applications as possible can be considered. It is however possible that we will receive more applications than the available slots and in such a case we would not be able to accommodate everybody. If this should happen, we thank you in advance for your understanding.

You have the possibility to have your biometric data taken at the RCC in London as well, in case this could be an option for you. Kindly note that due to the pandemic situation and Brexit, demand is very high and the waiting period for an appointment can be several weeks. It is therefore strongly recommended that you start the application process early. However, please send your travel plans for London to the RCC and we will do our best to find an appointment which would suit you. 

Furthermore you have the possibility to have your biometric data taken in Switzerland by mentioning it in the remarks section of your online application. Please indicate the passport office of your choice and the approximate date you wish to have your appointment. You will find the list of cantonal passport offices here.

Please note that if your change/s in marital status have not yet been notified to the Swiss authorities, this must also be done before you may apply for a new Swiss passport and/or ID card. For further information please click here

Thank you for your comprehension.