Dear Readers, 

A warm welcome to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal.

Switzerland’s partnership with Nepal has come a long way in addressing poverty, promoting the inclusion of different social and political groups and people, and in working towards social and economic wellbeing. The profound and rapid social and political changes in Nepal over the last few years have reshaped international cooperation. The new constitution promulgated in September 2015 contains progressive provisions addressing historical grievances related to inequality, identity, geography, gender discrimination, social exclusion and unequal access to resources and opportunities.  Building on the achieved mutual trust and partnership relation, Switzerland is committed to support Nepal to manage the transition from a centralised unitary state to an inclusive federal one to address the past root causes of conflict in Nepal. Switzerland will do its share to support the processes through diplomatic activities, development initiatives and strengthen the collaboration that persists between Nepal and Switzerland.

In this website, you will find information and news about Nepal-Switzerland bilateral relations, development cooperation, visa procedures and forms and consular assistance. The website provides the link to the Swiss development programme in Nepal. You can also obtain general information about Switzerland from this site.

I hope you will find this website useful and wish you a pleasant reading. You are welcome to submit to this Embassy any comments or suggestions for improvement of the site.


Elisabeth von Capeller

Ambassador of Switzerland to Nepal.