Philippines: Swiss hostage is free

Bern, Press releases, 06.12.2014

The Swiss national who had been held by Philippine kidnappers since 1 February 2012 is free. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has received this news with great relief.

The FDFA confirms that the Swiss citizen gained his freedom on 6 December 2014. He is in good health under the circumstances. He is currently in a safe place under the care of the Philippine authorities and will return to Switzerland as soon as possible.

The FDFA has received the news that the Swiss national has gained his freedom with great relief. The FDFA thanks the Philippine authorities and the Philippine armed forces in particular for their efforts in this case.

The FDFA deeply regrets that the Dutch hostage who was kidnapped together with the Swiss hostage remains in captivity. The FDFA has worked together with the Dutch authorities since the beginning of this case and thanks them for their close and good cooperation.

Immediately after this kidnapping became known, the FDFA set up an interdepartmental task force which coordinated the activities of the various services responsible. The task force was composed of representatives of the FDFA, the Federal Office of Police (fedpol), the Federal Intelligence Service, the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland, and the St. Gallen Cantonal Police.

Furthermore, since the beginning of this kidnapping, the FDFA and the police authorities were in close contact with the family of the kidnapping victim and supported them during this difficult situation. For the family members and friends of a kidnapping victim, a kidnapping is a traumatic event that requires much time to come to terms with. For them and for the victim, returning to normality is a long process that takes place in the protected circle of their loved ones.

The FDFA asks the media and the public at large to respect the need for peace and quiet and the privacy of the former hostage and his loved ones. For privacy protection reasons, the FDFA is not providing any further information.

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