General information on occupational pension provision (2nd pillar or vested benefits policy)

Occupational pension provision is the second pillar of the Swiss social security system. It enables the insured to maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed prior to their retirement in an appropriate manner. Together with the Swiss OASI/IV pension, it corresponds to approximately 60% of the claimant’s final salary.

Occupational pension claims must be submitted (if the claimant does not live in Switzerland) directly to the pension fund of the Swiss employer.

If the retirement assets are in a Swiss account or vested benefits policy, the claim should be submitted directly to the relevant institution (banking institution or insurance provider).

Individuals who do not know if and where they have 2nd pillar assets can contact the central 2nd pillar liaison office which was set up specifically for this purpose. It will provide details of the institutions which hold occupational pension assets or vested benefits accounts or policies belonging to the person concerned.

LOB Guarantee Fund: Enquiry to the 2nd Pillar Central Office