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How can we manage our water resources more efficiently?

Tajikistan enjoys the abundance of water resources, however its rough terrain – 93% of the territory is covered with high mountains – makes it difficult to effectively manage them. In addition, natural disasters (floods, mudflows etc.), pose a high risk by affecting lives and livelihoods of the people. Due to the lack of adequate resources in the country it is challenging to sustain the massive water infrastructure inherited from the Soviet times; the old system of water management that used to be centralized and nationally-subsidized now needs to be adapted to the modern conditions and realities.

Switzerland is supporting the water sector reform process in Tajikistan through bringing in the expertise on Integrated Water Resource Management, promoting the establishment of decentralized management and overall strengthening the water supply self-financing scheme.

This animation film is prepared in the frame of the Swiss supported project " National Integrated Water Resources Management " and implemented by consortium of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, ACTED and GIZ-INS in Tajikistan. 

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