7th European Union Human Rights Film Days, Screening of Swiss Documentary

Saturday, 02.12.2017 – Thursday, 14.12.2017


Film "Trading Paradise", Demonstration during the FT Commodities Global Summit 2014 in Lausanne © afilmcompany.ch

As every year, Switzerland is taking part in the festival, this year with the very critical documentary "Trading Paradise" from Daniel Schweizer.

Large parts of the world trade in extracting companies commodities are re-handled by companies based in Zug and Geneva, in Switzerland. They are known to pay very little taxes and to defy responsibility for environmental damages caused in the extracting countries. Trading Paradise shows how this business works and how NGOs try to improve the transparency and liability of these commodities giants.

Screenings are in Istanbul at the Atlas Cinema on December 2 at 5 pm and in Ankara at the Büyülü Fener Cinema on December 14 at 5 pm.

Trading Paradise

Location: Atlas Cinema Istanbul and Büyülü Fener Ankara