Switzerland allocated 2 million Swiss francs to support the vocational education reform in Ukraine through the DECIDE Project

Local news, 03.04.2024

The Swiss-Ukrainian project DECIDE, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, is launching a DECIDE: VET initiative to support the reform of vocational education in Ukraine. This initiative will combine the efforts of regional state administrations and territorial communities, vocational and technical education institutions, schools, and businesses to develop a career guidance system and enhance the attractiveness of vocational education.

Switzerland allocated 2 million Swiss francs (over 80 million hryvnias) to support the initiative and the reform of vocational education and training (VET) in Ukraine.

The DECIDE project will provide expert and technical support to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in implementing vocational education reform at the national level. In particular, the project will help to transfer VET institutions from state to municipal property, develop the system of educational-methodical centers for VET, improve the regulatory framework for the reform, and develop a new model of funding for the VET institutions system.

Additionally, the initiative will pilot models of cooperation between regional state administrations, territorial communities, VET institutions, schools, and businesses to develop a system of career support for students. Poltava, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Lviv regions will participate in the pilot initiative. Partners from the selected communities will receive grants and expert support for organizing career guidance events. 

“Vocational education reform is a priority for the Government of Ukraine. During the post-war recovery period, we will need a lot of skilled workers. However, we need to take care of it now. I am confident that the resources allocated by Switzerland will be a good basis for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy and the rebuilding of infrastructure," said Dmytro Zavgorodnyi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine.

"For the restoration and development of Ukraine, it is extremely important to have trained professionals. In Switzerland, for example, 75% of students choose vocational education.," noted Andreas Huber, Director of the Cooperation Program at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

“We hope to  establish a clear link between education and the labour market, enabling young Ukrainians to have aspirations of a better future and pursue modern, in-demand professions," emphasized Valentyna Poltorak, DECIDE Project Manager.