The Cooperation team is a part of the Embassy of Switzerland. It plays a key role in the management of the Swiss Cooperation Programme in Ukraine as it is responsible for the planning and implementation of the programme, and provides a platform for our partners in Switzerland and Ukraine.

The mission and the main tasks:

  • Steering, monitoring and reporting about the programme's and the projects’ progress;
  • Observing the programme environment, and the development of programme domains and crosscutting initiatives;
  • Observing the development of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and providing emergency aid upon need;
  • Promoting the programme development according to the Swiss Cooperation Programme Ukraine 2020-23;
  • Leading a policy dialogue with the main partner organisations of the Government of Ukraine;
  • Actively participating in donor coordination and donor harmonisation;
  • Sustaining representation activities and public relations;
  • Supporting and serving projects realized under the aegis of SDC and SECO or implementing direct bilateral interventions;
  • Supporting national and international experts and visiting delegations.

The activities in the field of peacebuilding, human rights and dealing with the past are managed by a Peace and Human Rights team operating within the team of the Embassy of Switzerland.


The Swiss support to Ukraine in 2020 – 23 focuses on four domains:

  1. Peace, Protection and Democratic Institutions;
  2. Sustainable Cities;
  3. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Competitiveness; and
  4. Health.

All domains are impacted by the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine: under this Cooperation Programme, activities are further expanded into the east of the country. The average yearly budget of the Swiss Cooperation Program in Ukraine amounts up to CHF 27 million.

For more details please follow the link Bilateral relations.