Soirée suisse 2018. Changing perspective.

Wednesday, 26.09.2018 – Wednesday, 26.09.2018, Soirée Suisse

Switzerland. Home of Drones. ©FDFA

On 26 september 2018, the three Swiss representations in Brussels – the Swiss embassy and the missions to the EU and to NATO – invited their contacts to a wonderful gourmet Swiss reception.


Saving lives,
a new generation has taken over...

In the 16th century, mountain dogs became Switzerland's new rescuers of travelers lost in the snow and mist, because they could reach places inaccessible to humans.

Now, over 300 years later, a new generation has taken over.
For the first time, cluttered or dangerous places can be accessed at lower risks and costs by drones developed in Switzerland. Established by the Swiss start-up Flyability, Elios is the first collision-tolerant flying robot designed for inspection professionals.

Switzerland is a key player in the world of drones.
Its companies are among the most innovative in the sector. Swiss drones  embrace a wide range of applications, from public safety efforts and agriculture to humanitarian aid in crisis-hit areas.

The Soirée Suisse 2018 aims at presenting Switzerland's successful development of its drone industry, being the result of the merger of innovation and high-quality Swiss tech.  

Location: Brussels

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