Swiss Delegation to the OSCE

Switzerland has had a Permanent Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna since 1993. The Delegation is involved in all three dimensions of the organisation and also takes on special mandates.

The Delegation is chaired by an ambassador who represents Switzerland in the weekly sessions of the Permanent Council, the political decision-making body of the OSCE. The ambassador of the OSCE also represents Switzerland in the weekly sessions of the Forum for Security Co-operation, in which participating states make decisions regarding military aspects of security in the OSCE area, in particular confidence- and security-building measures.

The Permanent Delegation of Switzerland to the OSCE is part of Switzerland’s Permanent Mission to the OSCE, the United Nations and the international organisations in Vienna. The Delegation’s management is also supported by diplomatic and specialist staff as well as a military advisor.

Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the OSCE, the UN and other International Organizations in Vienna