Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development

The goal of the Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development domain is to ensure more sustainable economic development for the benefit of women and men in the South Caucasus.

Switzerland aims to increase the economic and social assets of rural and agricultural small and medium-size enterprises, small holder farmers by improving their technical and business skills and promoting their effective integration into markets. Projects pursue a market development approach to address systemic constraints in the livestock, vegetables and horticulture sub-sectors, always with a view to improve the income of both men and women.

Switzerland promotes rural finance instruments and ease access to finance for agribusiness through building strategic alliances with financial institutions.

Switzerland also provides support to enhance vocational skills development for farmers through institutional strengthening of agricultural training centres. Swiss support is coupled with a well-directed policy dialogue to advocate inclusive state policies pertaining to rural development and agriculture.

In Azerbaijan, Switzerland contributes to further improve the framework conditions for the private and financial sector, develop entrepreneurial skills and support financial sector reforms. Projects focus on further enhancing the overall business environment. Switzerland contributes to develop the entrepreneurial and business skills of small and medium-size enterprises to enhance their managerial and financial performance. Assistance is also provided to modernize the regulatory framework and market infrastructure of the financial sector and increase the range of financial products available to households and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Switzerland also seeks to explore the framework conditions and opportunities to facilitate cross-border initiatives, such as trade and women’s economic empowerment.

Farmer working in a maize field in Nicaragua
Farmer working in a maize field in Nicaragua ©SDC

In many developing countries, agriculture plays a highly important role in terms of food security and is often a significant contributor to the national economy. By supporting farmers in the areas of production, marketing and the sustainable use of resources, the SDC is making a substantial contribution to poverty reduction.

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This contributes to good governance and transparency in managing public resources as well as stability in the fiscal policy environment (monetary policy, public finances, banking system).

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