Swiss clubs provide opportunities to exchange views with other people. At events connected with Switzerland (e.g. the national day on 1 August) it is possible to meet some of your fellow Swiss neighbours. Such meetings are a good opportunity to share experiences in the country of posting and learn useful information.

Contact the clubs directly to find out about membership and their current programme.

Federation of Swiss Societies of Eastern Canada

The Federation of Swiss Societies has, as its mandate, the promotion of Swiss culture and events on behalf of its Member and Affiliate Clubs and Societies. The primary such event is the organisation and staging of the Swiss National Day celebration which is held annually since 1977 on Mount Sutton, in the Eastern Townships. The event is staged on the Saturday that falls closest to August 1st. 

The Members of the Federation are the many Swiss Clubs and Organisations in whose interest the Federation acts. Its Board of Directors consists of individuals elected from among the member clubs and societies. 

Only Swiss Clubs and Societies, rather than individuals, can become members or affiliated members of the Federation.

Federation of Swiss Societies of Eastern Canada

Province of Saskatchewan

Swiss Club Saskatoon
Ms. Elisabeth Eilinger
349 Carlton Drive
Saskatoon SK
S7H 3P2

Tel.: 306 665 6039