Consular Affairs Section

The consular affairs section looks after Swiss nationals living in Hong Kong or Macau and can also assist Swiss citizens travelling through this consular area as tourists. It fulfills the functions of a municipal administrative authority in Switzerland  to some extent and acts as link between various authorities in Switzerland and the Swiss abroad. The following areas are dealt with in particular:

  • Registration of Swiss nationals living in this consular district
  • Providing information to the Swiss in Hong Kong and Macau
    (electronic or postal mailings of Swiss Review magazine)
  • Issuing passports and ID cards
  • Political rights services
  • Translation/certification of foreign records for entry into the Swiss register
  • Nationality issues such as processing applications for naturalization
  • Welfare services for Swiss nationals residing in this consular district
  • Support to Swiss citizens in the event of an arrest, accident or other emergency

We are bound to the Swiss law in our function and aim to respond to your enquiries in a customer-friendly, competent and efficient manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance:

Tel.: +852 3509 5000 

Services abroad

Contact the responsible Swiss representation or consulate when you want to register or unregister as a resident, when you need a new passport, have moved or wish to apply for citizenship. The entire selection of services offered can be found here.