Swiss Ambassador in Hungary, Jean-François Paroz ©Swiss Embassy

It is my pleasure to welcome you on the website of the Swiss Embassy in Budapest.

The relations between Switzerland and Hungary are based on a historical basis, which also contributes to their stability: since the era of the reformation 500 years ago, there has been a close cultural exchange between the two countries which has left its traces to this day. Swiss entrepreneurs operating in Hungary during the 19th and 20th century displayed Switzerland’s economic presence, thereby contributing to our country’s good reputation. The actions of Swiss citizens who were recognized as "Righteous Among the Nations" in favor of the Jewish population during the Second World War are still echoed to this day, as is the hospitality towards the nearly 13'000 Hungarian refugees in our country after the repression of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.

After the fall of the communist regime, the relations between Switzerland deepened and became even stronger after Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. Switzerland’s relations with Europe are the core issue of its foreign policy. Located at the geographical heart of Europe, Switzerland traditionally enjoys close ties with its neighbors in economic, scientific, demographic, social and cultural terms, and shares the same fundamental values. It is therefore in Switzerland’s interest to contribute to a strong and stable Europe that stands united for prosperity and sustainable development, security, peace, democracy and human rights worldwide.

On the economic front, the relations between the two countries have intensified significantly over the recent decades, which is reflected in particular by the high presence of Swiss companies in Hungary, currently numbering more than 800. Thanks to these Swiss companies, Switzerland is among the ten main foreign investors and ranks 7th in terms of job creation in Hungary. For that reason, this embassy works closely with the responsibles at the Swiss enterprises and their associations, such as Swisscham Hungary and the Swiss Business Club.

Since the Swiss consular services’ reorganization and the establishment of the Regional Consular Center in Vienna, the Embassy no longer offers services in consular or visa matters. Still, keeping the connection to the Swiss citizens in Hungary remains very important. Therefore, the Embassy maintains a close contact to its compatriots in Hungary, including the Swiss Association.

This website provides you with information on the services and events of this embassy. The main objective is the coverage of essential information needs on practical matters regarding the Swiss-Hungarian relations. You can also find specific information about the services offered by the Regional Consular Center in Vienna for Swiss citizens in Hungary, as well as information for foreign visa applicants in Switzerland.

Furthermore, you can find general information on the relations between Switzerland and Hungary, as well as links to organizations that are actively promoting the cooperation between the two countries. The provided information on Swiss authorities and institutes allows you to discover different aspects of Switzerland’s institutions, economy, as well as the culture and people of my country.

My team and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning Switzerland and our fields of competence.

I wish you a pleasant visit.


Jean-François Paroz

Ambassador of Switzerland to Hungary