Celebrating 75 years of Swiss-Indian friendship: SwitzerlandIndia in Bloom

Press releases, 13.10.2023

The Embassy of Switzerland presented a new Swiss Art Night ‘SwitzerlandIndia in Bloom’ on October 13, to mark 75 years of the signing of a friendship treaty between Switzerland and India. The highlight of the evening was the floral art work by renowned Swiss artist Philipp von Arx, who for the first time in India, along with Indian floral artists, created floating flower clouds over the Embassy building and garden.

Switzerland and India signed the ‘Treaty of Friendship and Establishment’ on August 14, 1948. This was the first of its kind, and one of the very first bilateral agreements concluded by the newly independent India. The event ‘SwitzerlandIndia in Bloom’ commemorated this historic milestone through the symbolism of flowers.

The floral art comprised floating flower clouds over the Embassy building and garden. It was an interplay between vibrant colors and soothing greens, nature and technology, and light and shadow. The artwork was the result of a collaboration between Swiss floral artists Philipp von Arx (Flowers to Art), Myrta Frohofer, Hanna Knoblauch with Indian floral artists Shreeram Kulkarni and Adarsh Suresh, and space designer Sagar Singh.

Addressing the guests, Swiss Ambassador Dr. Ralf Heckner said: “In a world of wars, Swiss Art Night ‘SwitzerlandIndia in Bloom’ is about celebrating friendship and peace. It is about celebrating what our people – the Swiss and the Indian people – do together. This year marks 75 years of Swiss-Indian friendship. The relations between our two countries have remained steady and positive at each and every stage during these seven and half decade. Our relationship has grown from strength to strength over these years.”

The Embassy made efforts to ensure an environment-friendly event. The idea of sustainability was also integrated into the design concept by the artists. All flowers for the event were sourced from India. The flowers used during the event, with the help of our sustainability partner HelpUsGreen, will be recycled to produce incense sticks.

The Swiss Art Night was launched in 2014. It quickly established itself within the diplomatic community and artistic circles of the capital as one of the most conspicuous celebration of art. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 editions were postponed. Last year, renowned light artist Gerry Hofstetter showcased his work at the Swiss Art Night.

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