Consulate General of Switzerland in Valletta


Current situation in Malta

Travellers to Switzerland

Travellers to Malta

The Swiss Embassy remains operational. We are available by phone at the number +39 06 809 57 1 and by e-mail on

Certificate of life OASI
Due to the pandemic COVID-19, the Central Compensation Office (CCO) in Geneva will exceptionally accept the certificate of life to be filled out and signed by the social security holder himself/herself. The certificate can then be sent directly to the CCO by e-mail at the following address:


Information for Swiss travellers

As of March 16th 2020, the Federal Council reccommends to all Swiss travellers abroad to return to their place of residence, as long as it is still possible, by commercial or private means of transport. Swiss travellers abroad are requested to register on the App Travel Admin


Air Malta 

This representation supports Swiss citizens who find themselves in need because of illness, an accident or theft while travelling. It also informs the responsible Swiss representation.

Please note that because this is an honorary representation without consular authority, it does not issue visas or Swiss passports.

You can find the responsible Swiss representation on the right of this page under “Consular district”.