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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update 27 March 2020

Dear Swiss citizens in Nepal

On Monday, 23 March, the Government of Nepal has announced a one-week lockdown, which entered into force on 24 March at 6am. Given the probability of a further spread of the Corona virus in Nepal, it is possible that the Nepalese authorities will have to extend the lockdown and/or introduce other measures to contain the pandemic.

The Swiss Embassy is coordinating with different European countries regarding evacuation flights back to Europe. Two such flights will leave on 28.03., giving priority to people who belong to a risk group (i.e. over 60 years, families). The Embassy is currently exploring further options to evacuate the remaining Swiss citizens. Therefore, please regularly check this website for updates.

The Federal Council calls on all its citizens abroad to return to Switzerland immediately. Please contact the Embassy of Switzerland as soon as possible by email if you want to join an evacuation flight back to Europe (and kindly provide your full name, date of birth, number of passport, contact number and address in Nepal):

The Swiss Embassy appeals to all remaining Swiss citizens in Nepal to register with the Embassy as soon as possible.

Further information:
If you are stranded in Kathmandu and are looking for a place to stay, there are a number of hotels/guesthouses, which remain open so far, amongst others, the following two (as per 25 March):

  • Golden Temple Inn, Battisputali (along the ring road on the way to the airport), contact Sumit: +977 9852 623 612
  • International Guest House, Khaldara (West side of Thamel), contact: +977 (0)1 4252299

What to do if your Nepali visa expires?
The Government of Nepal has temporarily closed the Department of Immigration, where visa extension are carried out. Expired visa will not be punished under the current situation and a departure from Nepal permitted in any case.

Note: All information is subject to change and the Embassy of Switzerland cannot take any guarantee of completeness and correctness of the above-mentioned information.


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