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Corona virus (COVID-19)

Update 23 July 2020
Switzerland has suspended the processing of most types of visas.

The Swiss Embassy in Nepal, until further notice, is not handling visa applications for visas, type “C”. Such visas are visas for tourists, visas for business purpose, visas for visits of friends and family and visas to attend events. 

However national visas, type “D” are processed. An appointment has to be asked for by email, addressed to the following E-Mail-Address: Visitors of the Embassy will have to wear a mask when entering the Embassy compound.
Please address any request for information to the above mentioned E-Mail-Address, as the Embassy has limited capacity to reply to phone calls.

Information regarding visa matters is not provided at the counter of the Embassy.

Corona Virus (Covid-19)

In Nepal the spread of the pandemic is now moving to dangerous levels, threatening to infect a wider range of the population. Please check for information related to Covid-19 the web page of WHO.

Evacuation Concluded

The last evacuation flight of the EU has left on 19nd June. No further flight is planned by an Embassy of the EU in Nepal. Several commercial evacuation flights, organized by well-known travel agencies are operated by a few major airline companies, enabling the tourists blocked in Nepal to leave the country.

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs has concluded the worldwide efforts to evacuate tourists living in Switzerland. The Embassy therefore will not any more inform remaining tourists, regarding flights leaving Nepal.
The Embassy of Switzerland thanks the tourists who have returned to Switzerland to inform the Embassy.
Information regarding Nepali visa and visa extension:
The Department of immigration, where visa extensions are carried out, has reopened. Please check the information on the web page of the department of immigration

The Government of Nepal has further relaxed the modalities of the lockdown in place. The Government of Nepal also announced that International and domestic commercial flights will resume on 17th August 2020, with limited destination and frequency. Destinations and frequency will be communicated later by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Further Information

If you are sick and show symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing, please call the Covid-19 hotline under +977-9851255839; +977 9851255837 or +977 9851255834. After consultation with a medical staff per phone/hotline, visit the Sukraraj Infectious and Tropical Disease Hospital (STIDH) in Teku, Kathmandu, which has been designated by the Government of Nepal to treat cases of Covid-19 infection. Other hospitals capable of doing the Covid-19 tests are, Patan, Hospitals, the Bir Hospital and the Kathmandu University Hospital in Dulikhel, as well as the Pokhara Academy of Health Science. A list of all the hospitals, performing the test  is available from the Embassy upon request.

All information is subject to change and the Embassy of Switzerland cannot take any guarantee of completeness and correctness of the above mentioned information.

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