Publication of the winning tenderer on SIMAP

Local news, 18.03.2024

The Swiss contribution office (Embassy of Switzerland in Romania) is pleased to announce that the name of the winner of the open tender procedure for the preparation and implementation of the Civic Engagement Programme Romania has been published on the Swiss public procurement information system (SIMAP) website. 

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Project ID: 266760

Notice No: 1404205

The winner of the open tender procedure published on SIMAP on 18.10.2023 will be the Programme Operator in charge of the Civic Engagement Programme Romania for which Switzerland committed CHF 18 million. 

The Swiss-Romanian Civic Engagement Programme (CEP) aims at engaging Romania’s inhabitants to participate more actively in public affairs, influence policy making, and contribute to democratic reforms, transparency, accountability and systemic social change in Romania through their engagement in civil society spaces and in favour of the wellbeing of the population.

The CEP will focus on thematic areas particularly relevant for and/or effective in strengthening civic engagement, rule of law, human rights and transparency in Romania.