Open Call For Art Boost Support Scheme

Local news, 28.07.2023

As part of the Culture for Democracy Project, the Heartefact Fond is announcing a new open call within Art Boost Support Scheme.

New open call within Art Boost Support Scheme
New open call within Art Boost Support Scheme ©Heartefact

Cultural and artistic organizations registered in Serbia may submit project proposals focusing on creating more substantial and sustainable impact on the cultural and artistic scene in Serbia and the region.

The Art Boost Support Scheme open call is aimed at initiatives and processes in the artistic and cultural sector which range from experimental to strategic, urgent to long-term, not necessarily focusing on specific artistic projects, but encouraging innovation and imagination. The Culture for Democracy Project remains dedicated to cultural and artistic projects that develop critical thinking towards past and present social and political circumstances. Within the Art Boost Support Scheme, the geographical scope is broadened to include, not only national, but also regional collaborative cross-border initiatives that are aligned with Culture for Democracy objectives and priorities. 

Cultural and artistic organization from Serbia are invited to submit unsolicited request for funding through the letter of enquiry process. The letters can be submitted on the rolling basis, throughout the year, until funding for the Art Boost Support Scheme is utilized. Detailed information about the call can be found on the Heartefact’s website (navigate to Fund - Granting – Art Boost Support). For help with the application process, additional questions, the interested applicants can reach out to the Culture for Democracy team at:

The Culture for Democracy Project aims at supporting the independent cultural sector in Serbia to contribute to improved social cohesion and tolerance at the local level. Supported by the Government of Switzerland with the value of EUR 970’000, the first project phase lasts from October 2021 until February 2025, and is implemented by Heartefact Fund.