Ambassador Philippe Guex
Ambassador Philippe Guex © DFAE

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Belgrade.

The Embassy aims at fostering the already dynamic bilateral relations established between Switzerland and the Republic of Serbia as well as Montenegro. Bilateral relations have to be understood in a broad sense, be it diplomatic, economic, scientific and cultural. They are further strengthened by the long standing and uninterrupted Swiss cooperation with Serbia since 1991 supporting Serbia’s transition towards European integration.

Beyond the fact that Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro share universal values, our countries enjoy multicultural societies where several languages are spoken and where different religions as well as beliefs are being practiced harmoniously.

Our bilateral relations are somewhat special as a very large community of both Serbian and Montenegrin citizen lives in Switzerland, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the Swiss economy as well as to the diversity and enrichment of our society.

It is our mission at the Embassy to promote trade, investments, innovation, competitiveness, cultural exchanges as well as the Swiss dual education system. And this, among opinion leaders, media and the public in Serbia and in Montenegro.

Our website offers a wide range of information on our activities and services. In order to make administrative procedures easier, forms are available on-line for you to download.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance or in case you are interested in finding out more about our endeavors.

Philippe Guex

Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia and to Montenegro