The objective of the domain Health is to improve the health of the population, especially of people affected by the conflict.

Switzerland prioritises enhancements in health sector governance, quality and affordable primary health care (PHC) services, and health literacy.

Strengthened leadership of health authorities as well as enhanced competences and skills of caregivers and healthcare managers will contribute to improved and more efficient quality services at PHC level.

The Ukrainian population (in particular men, young adults and children) will adopt healthier lifestyles and better health-seeking behaviour thanks to complementary health literacy activities and to active community engagement, which will lead to an improved health status in support of SDG 3.

Switzerland places emphasis on integrated community-based mental health services and psychosocial support tailored to gender-specific needs, considering the impact of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Special attention is also paid to addressing domestic violence and gender based violence (GBV), notably by supporting zero-tolerance towards GBV in society through awareness-raising.

Switzerland will allocate CHF 13,6 million to the health domain during the cooperation programme period 2020–23.

Smiling mother and child in Nigeria
Smiling mother and child in Nigeria ©SDC/Olivier Lassen

The health gap between rich and poor continues to widen. In many parts of the world, the progress that has been achieved in public health over the years is being reversed.

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