Sustainable Cities

The objective of the domain Sustainable Cities is to accelerate low-carbon economic growth and improve the quality of life for people in urban areas of Ukraine.

Switzerland prioritises better municipal energy management. It will expand its work on integrated urban development and sustainable urban mobility.

Selected small and medium-sized cities, including in eastern Ukraine, will prioritise new or rehabilitate old municipal infra-structure, provide affordable low-carbon and economically viable heating services and favour resource-efficient production through enhanced energy management, stronger local capacities and policy dialogue.

Partner cities will also improve public transport and promote user-friendly public spaces thanks to improved strategic planning and the development of multi-modal mobility systems.

These measures rely on inter-departmental cooperation within municipalities and on private sector and civil society participation, in particular women, low-mobility groups and internally displaced persons (IDPs). In the long run, cities’ attractiveness for investors and residents will be increased, sustainable economic growth will be fostered and the quality of life in urban areas will be enhanced in support of SDG 11.

The support to the interventions in this domain is provided by SECO. The domain Sustainable Cities will be funded with CHF 32 million during the cooperation programme period 2020–23.

This facilitates sustainable access to and use of infrastructure and resources such as raw materials, water and energy, particularly in urban areas.

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