Partnerships and mandates

State institutions

Using and incorporating the knowledge of federal agencies, cantons and communes; engaging in political dialogue with governments with a view to achieving reforms or better economic and social conditions

Private sector: public-private partnership

Building partnerships with private businesses and launching effective, sustainable initiatives; a contribution to achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Multilateral organisations

Development banks, UN development organisations and global funds and networks are important pillars of development cooperation, contributing both knowledge and funding. Switzerland’s portfolio of priority partner organisations reflects new global challenges as well as the country’s development priorities.

Mandates and contributions

Alongside the guidelines for the awarding of mandates and contributions, the FDFA provides information on planned and awarded mandates and criteria for contributions to NGO programmes


Cooperation with Swiss NGOs that provide added value for the implementation of Switzerland's international cooperation and meet quality criteria

Information for a specialist audience

An overview of information sources and work materials for specialists

Research institutes

Research and innovation as key factors for sustainable economic, social and environmental development and solving global problems

Course offerings

Continuing education opportunities for FDFA staff and staff of Swiss development cooperation organisations