Partnerships within the federal administration

As the Swiss government's competence centre for international cooperation, the SDC is responsible for the overall coordination of the substance of development cooperation with the South and the East, multilateral cooperation, and Switzerland's humanitarian aid. The SDC coordinates with other federal agencies engaged in the field of international cooperation.

Federal agency

Cooperation with the SDC on the topic


Human Security Division (HSD) / Directorate of Political Affairs (DP)

The Directorate of Political Affairs coordinates the Swiss government's foreign policy. The Human Security Division (HSD) is the biggest division of the FDFA's Directorate of Political Affairs (DP). It is responsible for policy on peace, human rights and humanitarian policy as well as migration policy. The promotion of peace and human rights is anchored in the Federal Constitution as an objective of Swiss foreign policy. The HSD and the SDC have a lot in common, so they work together closely.

Human Security Division (HSD)  

Directorate of Political Affairs

Directorate of International Law (DIL)

International law facilitates international cooperation though binding rules. One of the central purposes of international law is to lay the foundations for peace and stability. The promotion of peace and stability is also anchored in the SDC's strategies and projects and is implemented in accordance with the activities of the DIL.  

Directorate of International Law

Federal agencies of other departments

Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

Development projects in the fields of climate, disaster prevention and natural resources.

Environment and development cooperation

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

Projects on economic development and multilateral partnerships

Economic cooperation and development

Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Health policy

Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG)

Agricultural matters


Federal Office for Migration (FOM)

Migration partnerships and return assistance: help for asylum seekers in Switzerland is classed as development cooperation in line with OECD guidelines

Switzerland’s foreign policy on migration

Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS)

Activities in fragile contexts and in the field of security.

The DDPS provides Swiss Rescue, part of Swiss Humanitarian Aid, with rescue experts and military air transport. In addition, there are various  areas where military peacekeeping and the SDC work together in the field (e.g. humanitarian mine clearance operations, securing and destroying munitions, reform of the security sector, etc.).

International peacebuilding

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)

Basic research and vocational training, applied research and academic education

International cooperation on education

International cooperation on research

Federal Office of Culture (FOC)


The SDC's engagement in the field of culture

Development activities and cooperation with Eastern Europe, as well as humanitarian aid, are part of foreign policy and reflect Switzerland's interests. Switzerland's external relations, which are as coherent as possible in terms of global ecological, social and economic development, increase the effectiveness of international cooperation for the reduction of poverty and international risks. This reflects the recommendations of the OECD's Development Cooperation Directorate. All federal departments contribute to sustainable national and international development.

Switzerland’s policy coherence