Interim solution for Erasmus+ in 2014

Bern, Press releases, 16.04.2014

Following the suspension of negotiations on Switzerland’s association to Erasmus+, the Federal Council tasked the EAER with drawing up an interim solution for 2014. This was approved at today’s Federal Council meeting. The interim solution gives priority to mobility activities and is based on the principle that Switzerland wishes to regain full associate country status.

The interim solution contains the following main aspects:

  • Costs will be met by the budget originally earmarked for Switzerland's programme contributions to the European Commission in 2014 as an associate country in Erasmus+ (CHF22.7m).
  • The solution, in particular with regard to mobility activities, adheres as far as possible to the Erasmus+ requirements applicable for all European countries, with a view to renewing association to the programme.
  • The Federal Council sets out a number of priorities, and also states the activities which will not receive funding for the time being. In this it ensures that demand both at national level and among foreign institutions can be met as far as possible. Mobility will be given priority, with 89% of the available funding going to this area, including to meet the costs of incoming mobility.
  • The portion of the budget dedicated to project activities is considerably smaller than the amount set for full association to Erasmus+. Switzerland will also sets its own criteria regarding the projects to be funded. The Federal Council awards funding only to excellent projects which meet the education policy objectives set by the Confederation and the cantons.

The interim solution for 2014 presented today has its limitations and does not provide the full range of opportunities offered by Erasmus+. However, it creates the framework necessary to implement planned learning mobility projects. It ensures that Swiss participants enjoy as much continuity as possible until such time as Switzerland can again become an associate country in Erasmus+, which continues to be the Federal Council's intention. The ch Foundation is responsible for implementing the interim solution.

It is also Switzerland's aim to re-establish its association to the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The Federal Council will draw up an interim solution on this issue at a later stage, as soon as the situation with the EU is clear.

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Factsheet: Interim solution for 2014

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