Public holidays

The Embassy is closed on the following days in 2019
01.01.2019 Tuesday New Year’s Day
28.04.2019 Sunday Easter Day
02.05.2019 Thursday Labour Day
04.06.2019 Tuesday Eid Al Fitr (dates varies on Lunar cycle) 
06.06.2019 Thursday Eid al Fitr (dates varies on Lunar cycle) 
01.08.2019 Thursday Swiss National Day
11.08.2019 Sunday Eid al Adha (dates varies on Lunar cycle)
14.08.2019 Wednesday Eid al Adha (dates varies on Lunar cycle)
24.12.2019 Tuesday Christmas Eve (Half day)
25.12.2019 Wednesday Christmas Day
31.12.2019 Tuesday New Year's Eve (half day) 
24.12.2019 Monday Christmas Eve (Half day)
25.12.2019 Tuesday Christmas Day
31.12.2019 Monday New Year's Eve (half day) 
The Embassy will be closed on 4/03/2019 at 3:00 pm