Hand-over ceremony celebrated on Kinatarkan Island

Press release, 05.06.2017

On May 31, the official hand-over ceremony celebrated the reconstruction of 608 houses destroyed by typhoon Haiyan on Kinatarkan Island. The reconstruction was assisted by Caritas Switzerland and made possible by Swiss Solidarity. The hand-over ceremony was a celebration of the efforts of the affected communities as well as their partners in reconstruction.

Hand-over ceremony
Hand-over ceremony

The 608 houses are part of the bigger Caritas Switzerland project for reconstruction in the Philippines after the devastation of typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Caritas Switzerland had been in action since the first day after the storm. After the first emergency relief, projects focus on long term reconstruction. From spring 2014 to September 2016, Caritas rebuilt seven schools with 80 classrooms for 4200 children, using typhoon- and earthquake-proof construction methods. Since August 2015, Caritas has been assisting 1200 families to use their own initiative to rebuild their private houses, typhoon- and earthquake resistant. 

Caritas Switzerland is applying the «help for self-help» approach: The local population was actively involved in the construction of the schools and houses, able to design them their specific needs. The new home-owners managed the construction process: overseeing the work, obtaining the material, organizing the workers and deciding on the layout of their new home. Caritas assisted them in the process, offering expertise and advice.

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