Economic Development and Employment

From Education to Employment project
From Education to Employment project ©SDC

What is the goal?

Women and men benefit from inclusive and sustainable economic growth and equal economic opportunities.

What shall be achieved?

Effective PFM and improved business environment: Reforms and capacity building of relevant national and local administrations and macro-economic institutions enable them to manage public finances effectively and to shape a more enabling business environment, including for trade and investment.

Increased competitiveness: Strengthened innovation ecosystems, increased investment and private sector development lead to more competitive and resource-efficient enterprises, higher exports, more and better jobs and incomes for women and men.

Employability and employment: A labour market oriented VET system and effective intermediation between the economy and education system improve inclusive labour force participation, productivity and wages.

Resources: CHF 44,5 million

Medical personnel caring for newborns in a neonatal ward in Lithuania
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Poverty means more than having no income, food and education. Unfortunately, the majority of the poorest is also characterized by fear and helplessness, lack of security and rights, discrimination and arbitrary government. So efforts to promote rule of law, human rights and justice are crucial for sustainable poverty reduction and guaranteeing development.

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