Tax-free for Tourists

Attestation of export documents in tourist traffic for shop sales

You have purchased various items during your stay as a tourist in Switzerland. Under certain conditions the Swiss VAT can be reimbursed. The website on value added tax (VAT) of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) will provide you with information on the conditions and procedures to follow in order to obtain reimbursement.

"Exportation in tourist traffic for shop sales ("tax-free for tourists")"

If on leaving Swiss territory you have not been able to obtain the necessary attestation before passing through Swiss customs, the Swiss representation responsible for your place of domicile can certify the document in the context of tourist traffic with regard to shop sales (tax-free for tourists). It will not do so however unless you personally exhibit all the items mentioned on the export document, together with the original purchase receipts, proof of entering and leaving Swiss territory, and the identification document mentioned on the export document.

Please bear in mind that the reimbursement of VAT by the seller in Switzerland to the purchaser (yourself) is a matter of private law governing the two parties to a sales contract. Therefore the attestation provided by a Swiss representation does not constitute a guarantee by the Swiss authorities compelling the seller in Switzerland to reimburse the VAT.