Programme contribution and eligibility verification

Once every four years, and synchronised with Switzerland's strategy on international cooperation, the SDC publicly invites Swiss NGOs to apply for programme contributions in accordance with a specified procedure posted on its website.

Contributions to international programmes of Swiss NGOs serve to achieve the goals set out in the SDC strategy for engagement with Swiss NGOs. 

Programme contributions are granted to the following four categories of NGOs:

  1. Large Swiss NGOs
  2. Swiss NGO umbrella organisations
  3. Cantonal federations
  4. Swiss NGO alliances 

An NGO may apply for a programme contribution in one category only. Individual large Swiss NGOs may apply for programme contributions directly. Small NGOs may obtain programme contributions as members of umbrella organisations, cantonal federations or NGO alliances. Categories of programme contributions Eligibility verification and deadlines for contributions 2021-2024

Overview of categories (PDF, 216.5 kB, German)

Eligibility verification and deadlines for contributions 2021-2024

The SDC Guidance specifies the implementation of programme contributions, including eligibility requirements as well as application and allocation procedures.

Programme contributions to Swiss NGOs are granted according to the following three-step process:

  1. Call for tender and eligibility clearance (July-September 2019, deadline 31.08.2019)

  2. Application for programme contributions and assessment (October 2019-March 2020, deadline 31.12.2019)

  3. Approval and  allocation of funds (April-December 2020)

Overview categories (PDF, 216.5 kB, German)

FAQ on the implementation of the instrument "progamme contribution" (PDF, 292.0 kB, German)

Phase 1: Call for tender and eligibility clearance (completed)

The application form for programme contributions (PDF without annexes) must be submitted through by December 31, 2019, at the latest. The complete documentation, including all annexes, must be submitted on a USB flash drive within the same deadline (date as postmark) to the address: 

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
Institutional Partnerships Division, Secretariat
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne