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Close Swiss-Austrian relations reaffirmed: President of the Swiss Confederation Cassis receives Austrian Chancellor Nehammer in Zofingen

14.02.2022 — Press release EDA
Today, Monday 14 February 2022, Austrian Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer began his first official visit to Switzerland, where he was welcomed by President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis. Switzerland's Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter also took part in the official talks and the joint lunch. The chancellor's visit marks the third high-level Swiss-Austrian meeting this year and demonstrates the neighbouring countries' desire to further strengthen their relations. The visit took place in Canton Aargau's town Zofingen – a symbol of the historical ties between the two states.

Meeting of the Joint Swiss–EU Committee for Research and Innovation

04.02.2022 — Press release DEA
On 4 February, the 26th meeting of the Joint Committee for Research and Innovation took place between Switzerland and the EU/Euratom. The meeting focused on Switzerland's association to Horizon 2020, the Euratom Programme, and its participation in the construction of the international fusion reactor ITER. Highlighted at the meeting was Switzerland's significant contribution to the success of these programmes and projects and their positive impact.

50th anniversary of International Lake Constance Conference: President Cassis to strengthen cross-border cooperation

14.01.2022 — Press release EDA
On Friday, 14 January, the German, Austrian, Liechtenstein and Swiss representatives of the cantons and federal states that are a part of the International Lake Constance Conference (IBK) met on Mount Säntis to celebrate the Conference's 50th anniversary. President Ignazio Cassis also attended the event. The aim of the IBK is to promote cross-border cooperation in the Lake Constance area and to strengthen relations between the four neighbouring countries and regions near the border.

President Cassis on first visit to Vienna

13.01.2022 — Press release EDA
On Thursday, 13 January 2022, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Ignazio Cassis, travelled to Vienna for his first official visit. There he was received by Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and exchanged views with Chancellor Karl Nehammer and the president of the Austrian National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka. Talks focused on bilateral relations, namely the strategic partnership that the two countries adopted last year, as well as on relations between Switzerland and the EU. Other major topics discussed were pan-European and international challenges. The trip to Vienna marks a decades-old tradition of each new Swiss and Austrian president making their first trip abroad to each other’s country, a sign of the friendly relationship between Switzerland and its Alpine neighbour.

President Ignazio Cassis to visit Vienna and Berlin

11.01.2022 — Press release EDA
In the next ten days President Ignazio Cassis will meet with Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Liechtenstein's Prime Minister Daniel Risch. The visit to Vienna on Thursday continues a decades-old tradition of each new Swiss and Austrian president making their first trip abroad to each other’s country. Talks will focus on the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries and Switzerland's European policy.

'Geneva, city of peace', Europe and referendums: Switzerland seen from abroad in 2021

16.12.2021 — Press release EDA
Political topics dominated foreign media coverage of Switzerland in 2021. The highlight of the year was the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Here, Switzerland presented itself as a bridge-builder. In contrast, developments in Swiss-EU relations attracted negative attention. Two referendums also received a lot of international coverage. Switzerland continues to enjoy a generally very good reputation abroad, according to the Nation Brand Index (NBI).

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