'Rendez-vous Bundesplatz' puts sustainability centre stage

Local news, 28.10.2020

For this tenth edition of 'Rendez-vous Bundesplatz' the coloured symbols of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will emblazon the Bundesplatz in Bern. The light show entitled 'Planet Hope', which was scheduled to run from 16 October to 21 November 2020, has been suspended due to the new Covid-19 measures of the Canton of Bern. The possibility of resuming the show at a later date is currently being discussed with the City of Bern.  The event provides an opportunity to reflect on how important it is for us all to act now to safeguard our planet. 

The concept of global sustainability has been much debated in recent times: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, which Switzerland was closely involved in defining and is fully committed to implementing, encourage the population to participate actively in the dialogue on sustainability and make their own contribution to jointly addressing these major challenges. The 17 SDGs apply universally to all UN member states and thus cut across national borders. Why is Switzerland taking part in this joint effort? The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs is a partner of 'Rendez-vous Bundesplatz' precisely in order to drive forward this dialogue with the population, and this year the initiative is putting the 2030 Agenda centre stage in the public arena.

Responding in a coordinated, effective way to global challenges such as climate change and hunger is the key message of the 2030 Agenda. It will get a new artistic boost from the 'Planet Hope' light show, which will be projected onto the Swiss Parliament building. This original idea is intended to encourage people to get personally involved, looking to 2030 as an important milestone for the entire planet. "Each country is called upon to make its own contribution to jointly addressing these major global challenges. The Swiss people are entitled to a better understanding of why our country is committed to the 2030 Agenda and why it is investing in various areas. Our participation in 'Rendez-vous Bundesplatz' is a way of reopening a direct channel with the population," explains Jacques Ducrest, the Federal Council's delegate for the 2030 Agenda. The SDGs bring domestic affairs and foreign policy together, leading to cross-cutting action at both the national and international level, and calling every single person in the country to action.


More information on 'Rendez-vous Bundesplatz' is available on the organizer’s website.

'Rendez-vous Bundesplatz', official website



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