Delegates of the Federal Council for the 2030 Agenda

On 22 March 2019, the Federal Council appointed two delegates. It also decided to establish the role of delegate(s) from the FDFA at the level of deputy/head of the Sectoral Foreign Policies Division within the FDFA Directorate of Political Affairs (now called Prosperity and Sustainability Division within the FDFA State Secretariat). Additionally, it was agreed that the role would be a rotating one that is subject to the FDFA's usual selection procedure.

Markus Reubi, lawyer and EMBA graduate, was deputy head of mission at the Swiss representation in Tokyo until 2022. As part of the usual transfer rotation,  the FDFA decided to transfer him to Bern to become deputy head of the Prosperity and Sustainability Division (PSD). He took up his new post on 1 July 2022, succeeding Jacques Ducrest. He holds particular responsibility for coordinating sustainable development at the foreign policy level, and for Switzerland's country reports to the United Nations.

Daniel Dubas – the delegate from the DETEC – is a political scientist with an MAS diploma in sustainable urban planning. He has headed the Sustainable Development Section of the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) since 2013. He holds particular responsibility for coordinating sustainable development at the domestic policy level, and for the Federal Council's 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy.

The delegates chair the 2030 Agenda Steering Committee on an alternating basis. The committee is charged with guiding and coordinating implementation work. In addition to their coordinating activities and representative role, the delegates submit an annual report to the Federal Council on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.