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COVID-19: safety measures

17.05.2021 — Local news Japan
The State of Emergency has been declared in Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures.  All prefectures in Japan have implemented measures to address the COVID-19 situation. Please inform yourself about these specific measures and make sure to follow the instructions of the local authorities.

Swiss residents in Japan

12.05.2021 — Local news Japan
Local Japanese authorities are competent in regards to health and public safety. Please make sure to follow their instructions carefully.

FormSWISS Exhibition

22.12.2020 — Local news Japan
An exhibition introducing the scope of design thinking and visual communication in Switzerland today, FormSWISS attracted 3,338 participants on site in Tokyo.

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