New aid consignment on its way to Donetsk

Press release, 23.05.2016

Since 22 May 2016, two Swiss Humanitarian Aid convoys carrying chemicals for water treatment and medical goods have been on their way to the conflict zone in Ukraine. Part of the consignment, containing medical supplies and medicines, will be delivered to the hospital in Kurakhove this morning. In addition, rail transport is being used for the first time.

A lorry in front of a local branch of Voda Donbas water company in Krasnoarmiysk. People are standing around the vehicle.
Local branch of Voda Donbas water company in Krasnoarmiysk: around 245 tonnes of chemicals were delivered here. © EDA

On Sunday morning a train carrying water treatment chemicals set off for eastern Ukraine. Its destination is the city of Donetsk, where the Donbas waterworks provide many people on both sides of the contact line with drinking water. Other goods, including medical supplies such as spare parts for an X-ray machine are being transported by lorry to Donetsk.

A second convoy consisting of 14 lorries is transporting 245 tonnes of chemicals to the Donbas waterworks in the city of Krasnoarmiysk on the government-controlled side. Part of this consignment, a lorry load of medical supplies and medicines,  will be delivered to the hospital in Kurakhove this morning.

The convoys are supported and monitored by seven members of Swiss Humanitarian Aid, which is part of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA), and by employees at Switzerland's embassy and cooperation office in Kyiv.

The current consignment is the fourth that Switzerland has sent to the conflict region since spring 2015. So far, the SDC is the only state actor organising humanitarian convoys which cross the contact line in eastern Ukraine.

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