Sophie de Quay China tour hits May 2023

Tuesday, 09.05.2023 – Saturday, 27.05.2023


Sophie de Quay China tour 2023
Sophie de Quay China tour 2023 © Embassy

In May, the Swiss electropop duo Sophie de Quay kicks off their 2023 China tour at the invitation of the Embassy and Consulates General of Switzerland in China. It is the first time that Swiss musicians travel from Switzerland to China for concerts after three years of pandemic.


Born in Switzerland and raised in Singapore and New York, Sophie has travelled to over 40 countries so far, and her rich experiences are projected in her compositions. She met internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist and music producer Simon Jaccard in 2006, resulting in the group Sophie de Quay. Sophie and Simon both studied Chinese language in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and occasionally sing in Chinese. The group spends most of its time on the road. In only 5 years, the duo has played more than 250 concerts in 15 different countries. Live, Sophie's powerful voice and Simon's performance take their audience on a timeless journey.


Sophie de Quay China tour 2023:

  • Boutique Hotel LN 5 / Hope & Sesame Bar, Guangzhou, May 9-10 (upon invite only)
  • Shanghai International Studies University / Shanghai CITIC Square / Shanghai Jinqiao International Business Plaza, Shanghai, May 11-12 (upon invite only), May 14 (open to public)
  • COSMO, Chengdu, May 17 (open to public)
  • Garden, Embassy of Switzerland in China, Beijing, May 18-21 (upon invite only)
  • Aranya Community, Aranya, May 23 (open to public)
  • Ladies Recreation Club / Foxglove, Hong Kong, May 26-27 (open to public)


Please follow the social media (WeChat, Weibo) of Swiss Embassy and Consulates General for ticket info.


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Location: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Aranya, Hong Kong