The Water Section is committed to ensure long-term access to water for all. It launches innovative ideas and aims to have a systemic impact, which also involves cooperating with less conventional actors such as consumers, financial investors, artists and young people. It builds on strong alliances so as to widen outreach and impact, ensuring that water is taken into account intelligently and sustainably in financial markets or supply chains, to name but two examples. 

Main objective

The Water Section supports comprehensive systemic change towards a water secure world, where people benefit from sustainable access to water in sufficient quantity and acceptable quality to sustain their livelihoods, well-being and socio-economic development. It endeavours to ensure protection against waterborne diseases and to help prevent water-related disasters or reduce their impact. It also contributes to healthy ecosystems and a climate of peace, as well as to political stability and social prosperity.

Four key themes

The 2021–24 programme framework sets out the Water Section's commitments and activities. It is divided into four components: water, sanitation and hygiene for people; water, planet and prosperity; water and peace; and water voices.

Different approaches 

To achieve its overarching goal, the Water Section combines proven and new approaches, such as the Blue Peace initiative. It has been shown that water can be a helpful instrument in promoting cross-border cooperation and peace, especially in regions where water is scarce and access often disputed.