History of the SDC


1996 - today Renaming: DEHZO to Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC/DEZA), reason: shorter and more simple.SDC becomes the swiss center of excellence in development cooperation:
  • Development Cooperation, Cooperation with Eastern Europe and Humanitarian Aid organisationally united
  • Expansion of cooperation with multilateral institutions like UNO or World Bank

Increase of cooperation with other Federal Offices, particularly with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.


Integration of the Division for the Cooperation with Eastern Europe into the DCA(DEH).

Further renaming: The DCA (DEH) is called Directorate of Development and Technical Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid for Central and Eastern Europe (DEHZO).


Start of Switzerland's cooperation with Eastern Europe

The EPD sets up the Division for the Cooperation with Eastern Europe («Büro für die Zusammenarbeit mit Osteuropa»).

1976 Federal law on International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid comes into effect.
  • Fusion of the Service (Delegate) for Technical Cooperation DftZ and the section for Disaster Assistance and International Relief Organisations («Sektion für Katastrophenhilfe und internationale Hilfswerke»).
  • Renaming of the DftZ into Directorate of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DCA) («Direktion für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und humanitäre Hilfe DEH»)
1973 Creation of the Swiss Corps for Humanitarian Aid (Schweizerischen Korps für humanitäre Hilfe SKH)
1968 First Cooperation Office in India
1961 This service has been renamed service for technical cooperation («Dienst für technische Zusammenarbeit DftZ»). The service is directorated by the diplomat Hans Keller, nominated as first Federal Council's delegate for technical cooperation («Delegierten des Bundesrats für technische Zusammenarbeit»).
1960 The Federal Council establishs the service for technical assistance («Dienst für techische Hilfe»)
1950 Switzerland supports the «Expanded Program of Technical Assistance» (EPTA) of the UNO and delegates first missions of development experts (swiss engineers) to countries in Asia and Latin America.
1944 On the end of the Second World War the Swiss Donation(in our days Swissaid) was founded, an association of serveral relief organisations supported by the Swiss Confederation.