Short films on children and young people in humanitarian crises

Six short films present the work done by Swiss Humanitarian Aid with children and young people in crisis-affected areas. In humanitarian crisis situations, children and young people are particularly reliant on the continued provision and safeguarding of their fundamental needs, such as a basic education, protection and vocational training. 

Hope for children and young people in humanitarian crises (de)

Children and young people facing uncertainty, poverty and food scarcity are particularly vulnerable. Swiss Humanitarian Aid strives to give these children and young people a right to an education and personal development.

Vocational training (de)

In situations of long-term crisis, vocational training is crucial for children and young people to develop better prospects for the future.

Fundamental needs (de)

As well as ensuring protection and education, Swiss Humanitarian Aid is also committed to rebuilding and maintaining the local infrastructure.

Basic education (de)

In many cases, children can no longer be guaranteed a basic education during a humanitarian crisis. Swiss Humanitarian Aid helps to maintain basic schooling for children living in crisis situations.

Protection (de)

Armed conflicts pose a threat to the physical or psychological well-being of children. Switzerland is committed to ensuring that children and young people have access to a safe environment.

Skills for life in Kakuma, Kenya

In the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya, young people are taught occupational skills so as to secure their livelihoods.