Water: “Scarce resource – efficiently used”

sábado, 22.03.2014 – domingo, 30.11.2014, Exhibition


This is a topic that affects our whole society and will be crucially important in the future. The exhibition presentsthis complex topic in an interactive, interesting and playful manner. Visitors, in particular families, will be able to find out more about this subject in the interactive workshops. They will learn about water in a creative way and will see this element in a new light.

The exhibition was initiated and will be financed by the SDC and will be supported by Coop, Caritas, WWF and the Canton Lucerne in cooperation with International Development Enterprises, Eawag and seecon/cewas.ch

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday, 09h00 to 18h00

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SDC involvement in the field of water
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