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Leading by example – reports from the embassies

Many Swiss representations abroad are committed to implementing sustainable development in everyday life. Several embassies are presented briefly in the following articles.

View of the Swiss embassy in Algiers with the city and the sea in the background
Swiss embassies lead by example in terms of sustainability. (© FOBL)

Abu Dhabi 

Certified sustainable interior design

Outside view of the Swiss embassy in Algiers. The building is a white rectangular cube. The façade consists of a large lattice design of intersecting beams.


Mashrabiyas: a model of sustainable architecture 

Foreground: bushes and palm trees; background: a two-storey building.


Solar power: sustainable and cost-effective 

The Swiss embassy building set in a garden with a Swiss flagpole and a large tree in the foreground.


A comprehensive sustainability concept 

Inner courtyard of the Swiss embassy in Moscow.


Efficient waste management: small changes with big impacts

Reddish brown embassy building in Nairobi with seating in the foreground.


The new Swiss embassy: a step towards sustainability 

View of the building from the embassy’s inner courtyard with Seoul’s high-rise skyline in the background.


Renewable energy sources for the new embassy 

Last update 22.06.2022