Asia and Pacific Division

The Asia and Pacific Division is in charge of coordinating Switzerland's policies on the 39 countries in this region and works together with all units in the FDFA and Federal Administration. It identifies Switzerland's interests in the region based on the FDFA's foreign policy strategy and the five foreign policy objectives set out by the Federal Constitution. The division also maps the risks and opportunities for Switzerland in this region.

For Switzerland, the Asia-Pacific region is growing in importance. Exchanges with these countries are increasing not only at the economic level but also in terms of the political, social and human dimension. In this context, Switzerland's priorities are to maintain peace and security, sustainable development, humanitarian aid and prosperity.

The division is divided into three coordination teams each responsible for a different region: South Asia, East Asia, and South-East Asia and the Pacific. The teams coordinate and maintain bilateral relations between Switzerland and the countries under their responsibility, acting as an interface between the Swiss representations in their respective regions and the Federal Administration. They are also in charge of maintaining contacts with the embassies of Asia-Pacific countries accredited to Switzerland, and other external institutions whose work focuses on the region.