Human Rights Diplomacy

The Human Rights Room of the United Nations European Headquarters in Geneva. © UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré

Every state is obliged to respect, protect and implement human rights. The UN is strongly committed to human rights compliance. The promotion of human rights is an important concern for Switzerland's foreign policy.

For a world without the death penalty

Switzerland strongly opposes the death penalty in all parts of the world and under all circumstances. It is working for universal abolition.

Human rights – what do they comprise?

The international community and the UN promote human rights through various initiatives, instruments and institutions

The economy and human rights

Switzerland is committed to ensuring that multinational companies headquartered in Switzerland respect human rights

For a world without torture

The fight against torture has long been a Swiss foreign policy priority. International law prohibits torture and ill-treatment at all times and in all circumstances.

Switzerland's human rights diplomacy commitment

Human rights issues are an integral part of Switzerland’s foreign policy and are systematically addressed at governmental level and in multilateral forums