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Global Programme Migration and Forced Displacement

The GPMFD Programme Framework 2022–25 (Global Programme Migration and Forced Displacement) illustrates the division's commitment to address the root causes of forced displacement and irregular migration. Conflict prevention and climate change mitigation will be as important as the protection of displacement-affected communities in their region of origin and the creation of sustainable prospects for people in the Global South.

Swiss Peace Supporter 3/2021

By combining conflict management and the promotion of democracy, Switzerland believes it can be an agent for change. For example, it aims to reinforce democratic processes by promoting free and fair elections and supporting freedom of expression in the digital space. The reports from eastern Ukraine, Kashmir and the UN headquarters in New York (on children and armed conflict) are also well worth a read.

Swiss Peace Supporter 2/2021

The SPS 2/2021 is devoted to the further development of military peace support and how the latter is adapting to future requirements. It also discusses the efforts to integrate women into the militia army after their deployment abroad. This edition’s Special also looks at promoting human rights standards for private security companies. Finally, a colleague reports on his daily life in Myanmar.

Guidelines on Human Rights 2021−24

These guidelines serve to implement the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–23 in the field of human rights. They are situated at the third level of the cascade of key foreign policy documents . The guidelines are primarily directed at the FDFA and Switzerland’s external network, but can also provide guidance for other departments and actors. A glossary of key terms is also included in the document.

General Guidance on the Private Sector in the context of the International Cooperation Strategy 2021–24

A dynamic private sector is a key driver for reducing global poverty and it is a contributor to innovation, employment and livelihood improvement. Mobilizing private sector resources is also an essential complement to official development assistance in order to achieve the SDGs. ‘The General Guidance’ provides an orientation on the various forms of cooperation between the SDC and private sector actors and explains the engagement of SDC towards conducive economic policy frameworks. The General Guidance was drafted by the SDC in the course of 2020 and consulted with selected actors from the federal administration, the private sector and the civil society and is fully aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN.

China Strategy 2021-2024

This report was approved by the Federal Council on 19 March 2021. It is a geographical follow-up strategy to the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–23 (FPS 2020–23) . In accordance with objective 6.4 of the FPS 2020–23, Switzerland has updated its China Strategy and is setting up interdepartmental coordinating bodies to improve coherence. The report also responds to the postulate of the National Council Foreign Affairs Committee FAC-N (20.4334 ) and the Nidegger motion (20.3738).

Object 1 – 12 of 545