The Permanent Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is responsible for safeguarding Swiss interests within NATO. It plays an active role in promoting the positive development of relations between Switzerland and NATO under the auspices of the Partnership for Peace (PfP). The Mission follows the military policy developments within the alliance and represents Switzerland on individual committees such as the one which monitors the Kosovo Force (KFOR) international peacekeeping operation. In addition, it promotes foreign policy initiatives relevant to Switzerland within NATO. The Permanent Mission to NATO also participates in the interdepartmental working group for security policy, thus helping to shape and formulate international security policy.

Permanent Mission of Switzerland to NATO in Brussels (fr)

Last update 06.12.2023


Mission suisse auprès de l'OTAN

Manfred Wörner Bldg
Boulevard Léopold III
1110 Bruxelles


+32 2 707 28 60


+32 2 707 28 70

International Security Division

Effingerstrasse 27
3003 Bern

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+41 58 463 93 58

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